Vice how does a magazine grow to a $2 billion new media company

March 6, 2017

I horse: VICE from a magazine from the successful transition to have magazines, websites, film production, record companies and publishing and other business media company, now valued at $2 billion, is a very good reference for domestic media.

VICE is good at reporting non mainstream culture and social marginalized people living conditions

reported on June 11th, today there is news that the U.S. media giant Time Warner Group is about to stake in new media company VICE, which valued more than $2 billion.

for domestic users, VICE may be strange, but the stories from the magazine have successfully transformed into magazines, websites, film production, record companies and publishing and other business from a media company, has a good reference to the domestic media.


reported youth subculture

VICE formerly known as Canada, "the voice of Montreal (Voice of Montreal)" magazine. At that time, the Canadian government funded the establishment of the magazine, the main purpose is to solve the employment and community services.

soon after the magazine’s three editor Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi and Gavin McInnes will be published in the hands of this publication from the publisher, and renamed VICE. Smith said that they want to become the world’s first young and sub culture spokesperson.

initially reported that VICE was dominated by indie artists and punk, and then began to report more mainstream news events. But VICE’s report has always been intended to bring a sense of conflict to the user, so that people see their lives and different life and culture. Therefore, VICE is often the background of the report is a global problem, such as Iraq, North Korea and other places, the characters are mostly non mainstream crowd.

is precisely because the report of the crowd is very special, so in the 21-34 year old young people, VICE influence is very big. These people tend to be in the forefront of the trend, and even the trend leader, which in turn is very conducive to the spread of VICE media content.

in 2013 under the planning and promotion of VICE, NBA former star Denis • led an American basketball team to visit North Korea, while VICE recorded a detailed video of the trip to the by Rodman. This not only won the audience for it, but also led to a large number of media reports.


Smith said, VICE is not to teach young people to rebel, not telling them how to select the support faction "we just hope you can use ‘millennials’ logical thinking and language to tell them where the world’s problems, we want to make a new generation of rekindled interest in the audience the world."

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