2010 Sichuan grassroots nternet Conference will be held soon

March 6, 2017

2010 is Sichuan to develop e-commerce in a year, a year three times in the influential e-commerce conference held in Chengdu, Wuhou District high tech Zone has the corresponding electronic commerce support policy, the Sichuan Internet industry experienced a rare opportunity for development at the end of 2010, let us discuss and Prospect of next year with e-commerce development Sichuan common development trend.

2010 is the year of the Internet community amidst the winds of change are of concern, most owners change website registration process, CN domain name retrial, site access to the thorough investigation and so on. In addition to the high-profile internet station, let the webmaster is to appreciate the monopoly terrible, and the importance of user experience. At the end of 2010, let us work together to explore the survival of the future to find a way to survive!

2010 annual meeting of the Internet in Sichuan invited the majority of Internet users gathered together for the development of e-commerce in Sichuan exchanges, sharing wisdom, common progress and common achievements!

time: January 8, 2011 (9:30 sign in, is expected to officially start time 10:00)

location: Chengdu Sanshengxiang farmhouse

registration: http://s.itchaguan.com/2010/

conference core:

Chengdu e-commerce industry support policy

guests to share the success story of entrepreneurship

Discussion on the development status of

China group buying industry

social marketing (micro-blog marketing /sns Marketing)

2010 Sichuan Internet Conference Agenda

theme: how to survive in the current Internet environment,

?Main contents of the


9:30 officially sign in admission

10:00 conference officially began to host the guests and the meeting will be hosted, CO sponsored and media

address the meeting

15 minutes speech association

5 minutes of conference organizers at

5 minutes presenters were introduced to support and support organizations

theme sharing and forum

20 minutes guests share: Baidu Engineer SEO skills sharing

5 minutes interactive questions

5 minutes to host interactive sweepstakes links, guests awarded prizes

30 minutes guest table forum topic: where to buy


5 minutes interactive questions

lunch time

11:30 before meals rest

12:00 dining


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