Lawyers group brewing large-scale prosecution Baidu monopoly

March 6, 2017

December 1st news, had submitted the "application form" antitrust lawyer Li Changqing is organising a mass for Sue Baidu told the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Baidu could face antitrust prosecution of hundreds of companies.

It is reported that

, the law firm Li Changqing Bangtao organized by Beijing group of lawyers, to bring a lawsuit to the Baidu company about 50 or so. If the number of more than 100, the large-scale prosecution will be formally submitted.

October 31st, Li Changqing entrusted by the legal representative of the Wang Guanjue Hebei Tangshan all information services limited, the antitrust investigation of a thick 91 page 16 folio "application", to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department antitrust official hands for A’s antitrust investigation of abuse of market dominant position. He suggested that antitrust authorities should be ordered Baidu to stop its abuse of dominant market position to block the illegal acts of other sites, and impose a fine of 174 million 440 thousand yuan.

followed in November 15, 16 days, CCTV "News 30’" for two consecutive days reported Baidu PPC shady, Baidu PPC is that too much manual intervention search results lead to spam, involving malicious shield, referred to as "blackmail marketing".

reported by CCTV, Beijing time on November 18th, the day after Baidu opened and all the way down, around the day fell 25%, closing its market value of $4 billion 600 million, compared to $6 billion Friday of $1 billion 500 million.

PPC may not hurt the user experience." In an analyst conference call held on November 20th, Baidu CEO Robin Li was CCTV exposure to respond, and admitted that the company’s revenue for the near future will inevitably have some negative impact." Morgan Stanley pointed out that the four major risks facing Baidu, and lowered its earnings forecast for the year 09.

in China in engineering and Research Institute Vice President Liu Jun Chinese Google search market share of second for Baidu crisis also expressed, "in the search results according to the advertisement price level to the sort of way, contrary to the fairness of the basic search, will harm the fundamental interests of the vast majority of Internet users."

to continue to have sound to many customers questioned Baidu ranking in the search results on top position, Shen Haoyu vice president of Baidu business operation recently held in Shanghai Adtech forum, this argument was denied, and said: "Baidu several years ago not to do this".

November 28th, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li an interview with reporters, the company solemnly issued 5 rectification measures, will review the relevant industry customer qualification, comprehensive audit related industry customer qualification etc..

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