Beijing online shop license no response — government intervention blind embarrassment

March 6, 2017

, according to the Chaoyang District trade and Industry Bureau of Zhongguancun city industry and Commerce Bureau, said yesterday that there is no one came to apply for shop license. A Taobao insider said that Taobao has not done any product level improvements on the new shop rules. In particular, the seller opened the store on the process, did not increase the industrial and commercial license certification link.

can be expected that, after the official implementation of the new regulations in the shop, from the accreditation process, the cost of various platforms and C2C technology upgrades, etc., need a buffer period." Analysts believe that.

According to the staff of the Zhongguancun industrial and commercial bureau, said that if the owner wants to apply for a license, just carry the owner’s real estate license, identity cards, temporary residence permits and shop name to the industry and Commerce handled by the name of


Beijing online shop license, the first day, according to the relevant business sector, there is no one who take the initiative to apply for the. Since the publication of this phenomenon in July 4th. Has been caused by Internet users and shop owners to denounce and debate. Until now, the first day of implementation, no response — the


will become a mere scrap of paper written? Network joke!


I think: the government suffered such embarrassment, mainly for the following reasons.

first: no public opinion, no response to

day before many users on the Internet to denounce, even to sue! Many shopkeepers even said: "if in the online shop to the business affairs bureau registration, but also charge you, I will not do", thus contain a lot of small entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the result is bound to lead to a large number of the SOHO family from the network stores such a business model.

: Oh, it is said that the author comments on the online shop support 150 thousand professional owner, if these people are unemployed, because the shop license, is bound to bring more security risks to the social employment and social stability, then why.

knowing that can not be done, it will be destroyed.

second: publicity is not in place, so that the owner responded, I do not know how to deal with

online shop Research Institute, has recently been in the online shop license, tracking reports, according to Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau and other related website through Baidu search: online shop online shop to follow, follow, follow the

online shop how to charge?

online shop how to pay taxes, etc.. Found only online shop according to the news, but did not do detailed procedures and related details.

comment on the author: light issued a directive is not. Follow the detailed procedures and costs, etc., are not a detailed announcement. You got those SOHO tubes. Like a headless fly to the trade and industry bureau.

Oh, they don’t bother to move. Besides, it’s so hot, the car is so crowded. Otherwise, it’s become a joke ah

third: regulatory measures, technology is not finished

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