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March 6, 2017

from the marketing blog WuMeiShi blog (four) – enterprise blog also need interaction

wrote yesterday at the event marketing from WuMeiShi blog to blog marketing interaction


is not only a personal blog about their business, especially the enterprise blog, is no longer superior propaganda themselves, need to interact with readers, readers are encouraged to leave a message, let the reader to participate in the enterprise decision-making, so, in order to better take public opinion into the enterprise decision-making, also can let the public know the enterprise open attitude.

WuMeiShi blog in interaction with readers that do good, look at the WuMeiShi blog number chart:


in these 87 posts, there are more than 9 blog posts more than the number of, the following figure is about these 9 articles Icon:


for the 9 articles were analyzed, as can be seen, mainly has the following types: encouraging everyone to leave a message type (12, 13), a unique view type (43, 69, 76), (74, 75 types of insider revelations, 77), reprinted type (73). We can see from these types, in order to increase the number of visitors to the message, you can consider the following aspects:

1, published original articles;

2, communicate with visitors, encouraging you to leave a message;

3, broke some of the insider news.

wrote in the blog interaction just a small part, the blog interaction can also include the blogger blog online communication, blog questionnaire, reprint blog quality articles and many other ways. The purpose is to get everyone involved, so as to make the blog more vitality.

In order to maintain the enthusiasm

guestbook, bloggers also need some classical problems, public issues reply, so that the majority of visitors know about each blog blog comments, such a message was high enthusiasm. In addition, other interactions also need to make friends know bloggers about their opinions, such as analysis of the results of the survey, according to the blog comments may be published some pertinent answer articles.

will write the last article WuMeiShi blog series at the end of a WuMeiShi: who is



– Sisyphus Su Wu Shepherd

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