On the four essential factors of successful operation of local classification information network

March 6, 2017

local classifieds site and local portals are interlinked also have different places, classified information website is more important is the information portal website, and more attention is paid to the community, so the operation of local classified information website and local portal website is a bit different, here we come to talk about the local classifieds site from four the operation method of


: to the quality and quantity of the contents of


is the first to find their own information, especially when the construction site early, in addition to the website information must ensure the quality, accuracy, time is guaranteed, so the local classified information website must increase the information audit function, but can not because in urgent need to increase the content, and ignore the information the audit, some people may be such a worry that people come to your website information, can not immediately pass information to see, maybe next time will not be willing to come to your website, there are such problems, so in the classified information website must have such a striking reminder, if timely through the audit, and will contact the webmaster, and leave contact! So as to ensure the quality of the information at the same time, and not let the user loss of


two: management must be careful

website management and maintenance are mainly reflected in the content on the site and title, because some users publish information, many are not very good layout, if early in the site of the contents of urgent need, then you need to own arrangement, information is more readable, and conform to the principle of the principle of SEO optimization and user experience in addition, after the information through the audit, but also to the user issued a message, said his message has been approved, although this information will cost you 10 Fen, but it could give you pull a loyal users, and through appropriate communication, so that they can publish information in accordance with the rules, so you the site had a faithful user, but also can have a value of


three: operation promotion

through the above two aspects basically can enrich the content of the website, also can do some of the user experience, while on the way to enhance the site’s ranking hand this time, on the other hand, the promotion of the website, the online promotion should be based on the SEO optimization, and online promotion, we can stamp on the name of the web site through some glue, website address and slogan, or to some place can publish the bulletin boards advertising release what to know these offline advertising investment is not large, as long as you don’t push the media advertising, general investment will not be great!

we can also note that some shops along the street store mobile phone number, every holiday time for businesses to release the blessing information, together with their web site, tell them the benefits of website information and so on, slowly to form a cooperative, even some shopkeepers will invest in advertising on your website



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