Rainbow wireless announced the completion of the first round of the Pre-B round of financing before

March 6, 2017

December 2, 2016, before the loading of large data services network operators rainbow Radio announced the completion of a new round of Pre-B tens of millions of strategic financing. At the same time, SAIC, GAC, rainbow wireless combined Nissan, Chery, BAIC, Zotye 22 car manufacturers and car networking hardware and software service platform, launched the first before loading networking data acquisition standard.

in the context of a strong rise in the context of the car, how to do big data strategic layout, each car prices in the future need to consider the issue. However, the industry had car networking data acquisition standard is different, there is no uniform definition of the data items, some data can not meet the needs of the application, resulting in longer period, the late reformation cost is larger, resulting in great waste of resources. Invited to attend the activities of the vehicle information service industry alliance Secretary General Pang Chunlin said at the meeting: "has an important significance to publish data standard, we are willing to make a strong push in the application of standards, the state also put forward corresponding requirements for Industry Alliance, to promote industrial application and advanced technology promotion in the market."

wireless network data before loading the rainbow choice as a breakthrough, the integration of insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, industry organizations, car networking related suppliers, as well as the data standards bodies to develop and improve the standard of data together, and relying on the accumulation of their own products and technology, put forward the pre loading networking data acquisition standard, standard car networking data collection content and the sampling frequency, and the precision and data encoding unit on data of the unified definition.

six months ago, the company announced the rainbow wireless two strategies: Based on the cube of insurance innovation program and the optimization of the vehicle based on the business intelligence data services". The cube plan is application oriented insurance enterprises, is the core of innovation integration products, channels, services in many aspects; intelligent data service car manufacturers, car manufacturers provide consulting for the application in data research and development, production and sales, customer service throughout the life cycle of automotive. Rainbow wireless general manager Huang Liang said: where the use of the standard data collected, the rainbow is willing to bear a certain amount of data traffic costs".

business needs, the rainbow through the analysis of the integration of wireless Internet data, build a series of models. In the aspect of insurance analysis, the driving safety rating model, the UBI pricing model, the collision identification model and the claim fraud model are constructed. In the field of intelligent data analysis, we build the parts quality analysis model, the vehicle performance evaluation model, the fault early warning model and the customer life cycle analysis model.

data base, the model if you want to be accurate and high quality, you must rely on high-quality data as a support. Rainbow wireless is currently working with 18 vehicle manufacturers to achieve data cooperation, at the same time with SAIC, Thailand and other 5 vehicle manufacturers are doing technology and product docking, is expected to be on the line in the next few months. At the same time, with the first phase of the Shanghai Jetion pilot work has been completed, the future of rainbow wireless and Shanghai Jetion will be more in the data

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