Peng Yucheng small and medium enterprises how to do web site editor

March 6, 2017

today’s Web site editor is an essential way to promote a large number of sites, the importance of self-evident, website promotion, content is king!". Especially for small and medium enterprises, website update and content editing is an essential part of the website editor is to promote the site and website optimization has an important role in promoting. Network promotion methods for small and medium enterprises in the current site editor Peng Yucheng special finishing the following content, looking at the small and medium enterprises engaged in the work of Web site editors help.

A few days ago

has several friends asked Peng Yucheng: "why don’t you posted on the website of the" in search engines, "why the traffic on their own small" and a series of editorial on the website, but these friends hardly know website optimization, Peng Yu Cheng for their condition based on an actual the case put forward the following suggestions:

first of all, let’s talk about why we’re going to post articles, especially if we spend a lot of time writing and sorting. We released the article has three purposes: one is to buy our software to provide useful information to the user, such as the title after the exam questions and answers; two is to allow our potential users to find and recognize. The three is to improve (collectively referred to here) broad examination of the experts in the industry, the well-known experts, such as a teacher training courses".

these three purposes it is a huge systematic project, each need editors make great efforts can be achieved, enough to see the website editor and is not an easy job. Here are the main ways to achieve these goals.

for more than a friend’s question, such as: "why I published articles in Google and Baidu which can not search." This situation is almost every site editor to experience, and ask such a question is not generally understand the site editor. Website editor is in fact the optimization of the content of the article, the optimization is mainly aimed at two major search engines, refers to an article out later, users can easily search through some keywords to find this article, and this article is useful to him, or he will not even search to see. For example: we do the civil service exam training, issued on the contents of the article to reach the final effect is the user through the search "Sichuan civil service exam", "2009 Sichuan civil servants training", "civil servants training" this kind of key words in the two major search engines to find us on the first page.

of course, this is the true meaning of the SEO, the key words are many in the two major search engine ranking factors: the structure of the website, the website code, website function, website links are the keywords in the search engine rankings of the important factors, only the external factors well, published articles will be the best effect. As a website editor itself without considering these, to get down to the content of the article is the key to good optimization.


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