Eight suggestions to help you do Baidu library marketing!

March 6, 2017


Baidu library since the emergence of what we do is marketing, because the library ranked the best, as long as you go to the row so traffic is Everfount, but many people do not have a personal library, before he told me that they lead the company said the company inside on the library content a little bit less, he wanted to get more, but do not know how to implement specific. I told him something, which boils down to eight.


Baidu library is actually a very good marketing channel, presumably Baidu experience and Baidu Q & A, Baidu library demand and audit is relatively loose. Well not wordy, talk about the following eight suggestions I summarize, or that sentence master can skip.

1 select good format

Baidu library is usually more preferred PPT and PDF format, if it is not very good with word audit. So we upload the content is best translated into the two format. To know the same article with word upload is not adopted, but can be used by PDF. Of course, some people say the TXT format can also pass rate, but we think about how his TXT format user experience, I am very hate to see the TXT format, layout sucks.

2 do content

Baidu library on the content requirements are relatively strict, it is best not to get things like news, because the timeliness of news is too strong, not suitable for libraries. Library location is to give people the dissemination of knowledge of universal knowledge, so the content is to the side, of course inside advertising can not be less, and upload the best content over three pages, because the content is too short not easy advertising and not easy to pass the audit.

The content of the

library must consider readability, after all, you upload the thing is to want others to read, if your stuff is not readable, even if the audit is passed and no one will see. It won’t be long before you delete it.

3 uses a relatively high level of account

Baidu products have a characteristic is the account level is relatively cheap. Therefore, we should always raise their own account, if there is no account of the high level of words can be sent to help others do, or to buy a high level of their own account to do.

4 advertising should be careful

Since we are using the Baidu

library to do marketing, then we are sure to do a little advertising, but whether or not the picture text ads advertising is too abrupt, the picture must be in order to explain the text mainly from then make your advertisement. Soft Wen article must be soft enough to.

5 do Title

we upload the purpose of the article is to marketing, want to do a good job of marketing the article to go up and often be searched by the user, this time we draw up

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