Let the big star to the SNS website free endorsement

March 6, 2017

overview of domestic SNS website of the people, nothing more than the following:

1, real life communication. SNS (Social Network) to the user’s true reality of social relations, the user information, the high degree of trust, common in language communication between friends and colleagues.

2, word of mouth. Most of the domestic SNS imitate or learn from the United States FACE BOOK, in the introduction of SNS has made the opportunity, or accumulated a considerable number of loyal users.

3, invitation to spread. Encourage users to use e-mail, MSN, Gtalk and other ways to invite their friends to join SNS. This is the most common mode of transmission, but the success rate is to be improved, because most people (including IT) are not willing to share their friends, circle, which is Chinese specific cultural atmosphere (exclusive) determined.

4, "incentive" invitation to spread. Using games and other ways to encourage users to invite their friends to join SNS.

5, viral transmission. Encourage users to conduct spontaneous communication. The spread of the virus is similar to that of the four modes of transmission, the difference is that only for specific populations, specific cut to meet specific needs.

The above five methods

peer site can learn from each other, but the same is the SNS website seico network has abandoned the traditional people, launched sixth people by way of free star endorsement, with star effect to the site to do the marketing action is a multiplier, as many business celebrity endorsements goods the same reason.

let’s take a look at how the tournament is "please" to the big stars to do them free endorsement. Now in the forum will often match customer network seen text, such as "shameful", "Jay Chou big networks cohabitation Jay Chou online dating by exposure", in fact, seico soft Wen is not wise, just three into a tiger, said today, tomorrow, every day, most also believe that Jay Chou said Tencent QQ the race and passengers, to help them do free advertising, as to whether Jay Chou and seico only, everybody knows.


peer website found this new game off mode of a pull a person to follow, the most representative is 51 and happy, they are not satisfied with the current word-of-mouth and invite registered people, also copy out what the "star gate" event, but only by the copycat, netizens scold.

this can only show that SNS as a small society, there is an important prerequisite for success is to make every small society has the particularity of growth rather than universality. For example, the school, 51, race off these SNS, the first user experience is very different from the. So, each SNS have to find their own characteristics of the user experience, to grow the viscosity. In other words, copy others is a dead end, as the country does not have second schools, second seico.

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