Why enterprise marketing must continue to promote new products

March 6, 2017

There are 4 P

in traditional marketing, product prices (product), (price), promotion (promotion), channel (place), the 4 P constitute the core of traditional marketing theory, of course, since there are extended 4C and 8P theory, but with the topic of discussion is not relevant in this paper, not too much commentary. 4 P inside, the first is the product, which is closely related to the topic discussed in this article, the development and promotion of new products is usually taken by the company’s marketing strategy, so why do companies always push new products?

new product promotion is necessary for enterprise marketing, we agreed to do so, but may not think about why to promote new products, promote new products to the enterprise marketing in the end what is good. Here, the Beijing pony know the way marketing agency network founder and senior marketing consultant Mr. Mariyama has made the summary analysis, some people may say that our analysis of what is the use of this? We have a good analysis of the development of new products for its use can better, better promotion of new products, is conducive to our marketing work and successfully completed. See the details of the road marketing consultant.

new products have the opportunity to meet customer demand for more potential

old products have been formed, but we are still improving, like Microsoft’s XP has SP1, SP2, SP3, Apple’s 4 generation of mobile phones and the upgraded version of 4S. The upgraded version of these products is actually a new product, but on the basis of the original product made some upgrades and improvements, but not enough to become a new product of the actual concept. In short, the new product is also based on customer needs, meet customer needs deep, as opposed to the old product has epoch-making progress, we can define it as new products, such as smart mobile phone compared to the ordinary mobile phone is absolutely new product hundred-percent.

to promote new products can get more lucrative

old products, the market have to understand, what is the advantage of what is the disadvantage, the value of how much money, the experts have mastered. The people who want to buy on the market basically also bought, the market also appeared more advantageous alternative products, the product is also in the recession. Products and other things like life, with a life cycle, in accordance with the import period, growth period, maturity, decline of the law.

promote new products to implement product differentiation

there is market competition, when a good product, similar products of other competitors will be listed in the near future, and competitors will lower development cost and grab our original products at a low price in the market, so enterprises to promote new products quickly, quickly occupied the market, ranging from new competitors to push out the money earned, competitors such as imitation, we will push to change the other new products, it will never go beyond our competitors.

continue to promote new products to promote brand image

new product is the future of the enterprise

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