Who dares to say that the forum to promote no door that is incompetent generation

March 6, 2017

these days, see the article on the home page, are on the forum. Have mentioned that the Forum promotion no door, these six words. I am particularly uncomfortable! This is obviously misleading!

don’t say anything, first look at my BBS, all take examples to speak:


forum built in 06 years ago, is to spend money please people posting, so brush a lot of data, but never use! April officially joined the company, when I came here, this forum one day 20 post number, is full of ads! Is program with


a fire,.Net really sucks, replaced PHP no flow.

2 months to popularity pushed to the 800 stick, the stick number, not my brush, I also lazy post. Have you seen the

administrator post every day?

to tell you, I’m not the only one in the Shenzhen forum, a company called Shenzhen window, Shenzhen news network, Shenzhen, Shenzhen hotline Austria (Southern Metropolis Daily) and other personal whole Shenzhen forum! Now you go to Baidu, or other search under the "Shenzhen forum", the word firmly in second


is now ranked by the popularity of Shenzhen, is in the fourth place, six months later, can be ranked in the third. There is a way to do, so today is a method of writing, combat!

1, at the beginning, what do not want to do, is to determine a good section, the 20 must be in the 20 section, more than 20, you do not want to get up!

2, indeed forum culture, to show that the forum is open for whom and what to do, what is the future. Let others know it!

3, the use of all means to create popularity:

A, the plug-in must let others entertainment play something else. Now the plug-in is very good, don’t be afraid of death that will drag speed


B, for example, encountered 8 floor towers integral award award! Membership for a day, brush your 200 stick number! But I would now withdraw


C, the entire forum ranking you know I used this, posted a few liters is not how much! Go home six lattice plug-in DZ find! He has automatic posting the top three member award! Many people love




forum, if you can find enough 30 pages, live more of these moderators, posted a day number is more than and 800.

how to pull? Send text messages to the new registration, one for it. That’s what I did!

5, the local forum to do a good job, often do activities!

some people do not know what to do is to tell you. He saw the event, he would look for his friends to join together, and a little, let a part of the members, >

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