New listing of the eight principles of marketing new product success rate of up to 90%

March 6, 2017

into the second twenty-first Century ten years, FMCG market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, how to face the competition has become a headache for enterprises. In particular, a large number of new entrants, including new entrants into the industry, the entry into the industry, the entry into the industry, etc., are faced with the rapid elimination of the market crisis. The last three years, do research, market research and marketing strategy of FMCG we found new listing problems although the general problem of industry, but through the corresponding marketing strategy adjustment and positive preparation to avoid. Accordingly, we have created "FMCG new listing eight principle" theory, through the use of this has widely practical principle theory in marketing practice, FMCG in our recent three years serving nearly 80 enterprises, the success rate reached more than 90%, far higher than the FMCG industry new listing success rate of 20%.

principles: a clear strategic positioning and planning

FMCG marketing has a very important feature, that is fast – into the fast, fast channel operation cycle, and then buy a fast cycle, exit speed, etc.. Fast FMCG is used can also be avoided, such as entering the FMCG market is fast, but it is not necessarily a good thing, the enterprise should try to avoid blindly follow the trend of rapid access strategies, is often not entered before the blue ocean market, once found will have exposure to the Red Sea market, will regret it not ready.

The main task of

to enter the FMCG market is to do a good job of strategic positioning and strategic planning. In simple terms, strategic positioning is to identify the location of the enterprise, in order to clear the enterprise vision, and then refined to do what kind of business, what kind of products and services, enterprises and brands in the next period of time will become what, in which channel business enterprises to deal with, in which customers to enterprises service, the company provides products and services to solve customer needs and what the homogenization of what different requirements, etc.. Li pointed out that only the enterprises identify the strategic positioning, will be clear in the marketing and straighten out the problem, in principle, these are STP market segmentation, target market and market positioning are required to solve the problem. On this basis, enterprises must develop a clear strategic plan. Here, the enterprise must not appear strategic mistakes, must take the strategy to understand, meet customer demand task goals required all through the path, this path is our strategic planning process. Avoid entering the "well-known enterprises, leading enterprises," the slogan of the so-called strategic mistakes.

if this principle is implemented, we are basically clear, enterprises in the next period of time to do what, do what position, how to do the problem, apply more fashionable words is that businesses have a "strategic roadmap", all the marketing activities in the future are required to follow the strategy to perform.

principle two: the first year of the listing plan is clear and feasible

strategic roadmap

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