This is how promote the shop

March 6, 2017

When you open a shop on the internet. It’s impossible not to wait for the user to find it. The wine is also afraid of deep alley. Things in the store are cheap. Be good. But no one came to visit

is useless. So how to shop on the network to go out. The following is my 6 steps to the shop to make their own shop to stand out.. let more people to visit, business is good

the following experience for reference.

1, the search engine registrationThis method is

must all use search engine users must master the skills, the search engine registration target is to carry on the website promotion more effectively. To Sina, Sohu, Google, Yahoo, and some of the big search engine site to register, just fill out some forms, although it is a small move, but it will bring you unexpected results oh.

. Because it is impossible for all Internet users to use only one search engine.

2, free registration in the professional online store promotion website

the site together with site related information into a signature, or text links, or make a picture, send Email or BBS in the walk, on the statement below is to exclude the hair suspected of advertising, but also play the role of publicity, not shoot two hawks with one arrow?

4, Links

by Links to increase traffic is also a good way to the promotion of the website, whether it is text or LOGO links, as long as the chain is reasonable, will also bring a small flow. It is important to note that we must find some sites of high visits to do, the best ask placed in a conspicuous location, but also to find this website and content related or similar website links, more conducive to improve the ranking. To remind a little, the home page to let more LOGO links will slow down the speed of the site’s home page, which can be suitable for.

5, and on.

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