Teach you new station promotion skills

March 6, 2017

            today to celebrate the station traffic and advertising reached a new high, close this time website promotion experience, promotion is also a station, seduce spider, teach you new tactics. Do not understand SEO, to create a miracle. We want to help. The station started, the chain is important, but for the fledgling station, find some weight of high standing links and not too easy, but there’s no way we can rely on self-reliance, public resources, to promote their own. That’s what I did:

1., like other webmaster said method, in the famous forum and blog message, thus seduce spider. Remember to sign to have their own web site, back to the post to often sit on the second floor or eighth floor, second floor forum because most easy to see, the floor is at the bottom, people can see the reply.

2. registered on Baidu Hi, and then crazy friends, and then publish their own web site contains articles, why is this? Because you will find a lot of people on the page column, "updates", is your article will be indexed on his page, if you have 1000000 friends, your article is displayed in the 1000000 friends page, that is not afraid of spiders, is not afraid of traffic?

3. is registered Sina blog bar, because he has a circle, you can add more than n circle. The same reason, an update you blog article is shown in the circle. If you join the circle of 100 members, each circle of 10000, of course, some more, is also likely to 100*10000 people to browse through this article, you know, good ah. What if you write two? What’s your two number? Brick thrown out, ha ha

4. flow, be polite to visitors, for example, today I was in a conspicuous position himself wrote "* * * * * * * station and all site staff, I wish to visit the website of the female compatriots, men and women friends, happy Match 8 Women’s Day, I wish you in the play happy!" I think I can hit so many high should be related to the words of my today, hope the webmaster to remember to be polite when ah, so they can go back, the humanized management is very harmonious.

                  I hope you can understand from my experiences in life, and I wish the webmaster are happy every day, a few money hand cramps, natural sleep wake up to sleep, flow rising leverage.


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