A brief discussion on several promotion schemes for personal webmaster

March 6, 2017

for a long time did not write an article in the A5, the main thing is busy with the local forum recently, my forum is just built, and now also in the promotion phase, so I would like to introduce my promotion program.

The first

; Baidu Post Bar promotion, we all know there are local Post Bar each region, in the promotion of Post Bar do not send the best links in Baidu links may be very good to do more optimization is not, actually do not have to use the avatar, Baidu Post Bar inside also have a signature, we can put personal signature change your website promotion pictures, in which we do not need Post Bar topic posts, only need to reply on the line, the theme for the words that you can waste a lot of time, as well as replies, many owners do not say that the two floor is the poster you. As long as you in the first time to reply on the line. Let’s take a look at it. Although you can not bring the number of traffic to the site, it is your picture on the other side there are a lot of people can see, as time goes by, we will know that you stand, in fact, is to create the site’s brand.


second; to pull up the website member, in fact each forum has active members, these members are people who love to play forum, we remember 10 million don’t rival the forum outside the chain to pull people, in fact we start with these active people friends, then through friends, like the other sent mail promotion.

third. Micro-blog promotion, now micro-blog’s people with more, but many users also love playing micro-blog, you can use the Sina micro-blog and find this place of registered members, and then take the initiative to add these micro-blog membership, you listen to them, they may listen to you will be fifty percent, remember Oh head a beautiful picture.

third: QQ group promotion, I am a bit lazy, rarely in the group of inside information, because the content posted soon pushed to go above, the QQ window is so big, not all people can see all of a sudden, I recommend QQ QQ bulk mail, registered two QQ the number added to the group to go inside, first with the first QQ number as a group, if being kicked out of the Lord, we can through the addition of a QQ in the mass, mass two times inside the group of people will have to stand your impression, the effect will be achieved.

fourth: advertising, advertising in the local release station above information, this need some cost, I told our local information about the station, a large classified section of 6 months of 1200, the website traffic is very high, if the owners are willing to spend money to say the effect is very good the.

fifth: the fifth method is offline promotion methods, the key is to work with the taxi driver, the last time I took a taxi home to ask the price, there are more than 1 thousand taxis in our city, the price of a car is 10 dollars. Advertising time is 3 months, here to tell you, advertising to paste the place, in fact, the location of the position in the copilot is not too large, you can

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