Different types of Web site features

March 6, 2017

some time ago, see an article in the blog field functions, explore the Mayi home page for that home for a door, the door is open or half open, open the door to let you see what is inside, the door ajar for a sense of mystery, enhance the exploration of curiosity. Because of the specific environment and the background of the discussion, we do not evaluate and discuss the opinions of the wheat field, and take this as the starting point.

website undertakes the website "ambassador" responsibility, from the front page of the basic can pry the positioning of the website and the service object, personally think that, because of the difference of website function, the difference of different types of web page has a "duty" and "form", i.e. home function, form, expression transfer of information content, design style, page layout… Must be different, the following example shows that different types of Web site home function positioning:

1.web2.0 website: the main features of Web2.0 website is to encourage users to create and share, which requires the user to play the initiative, strengthen the interaction between users, so Web2.0 website homepage is to highlight the theme also to give people a "mystery", to provoke the curiosity of the user, active participation and exploration, the door like the field the best "half", you can see the current most Web2.0 website does adhering to this concept, such as: Facebook, Mayi and other home page are relatively simple, a screen can display, generally require login to use related services;

2 electronic commerce website: e-commerce website (b2b/b2c/c2c) location based on product sales, e-commerce website users are most concerned about the related product (function, quality, purchase / Sales..), effective organization of product information, the product category is reasonable electronic business backbone, electronic positioning business website based on e-commerce website is key function directory navigation function, namely directory website home page to show users to try to sell products and services; at the same time, transfer the message to the user, to stimulate users to purchase behavior, such as discount information, new products on the market, selling goods, the latest transaction and so on;

3 enterprise website: enterprise website as the enterprise network marketing "base", it is not only the display and promotion of products, more important is to enable customers to establish business and product confidence, enterprise website home page as much as possible to reflect the professionalism and credibility, function is to let the user home page the establishment of trust of enterprises and products, home to the entrance qualification certificate, product information, such as detailed information, in the details, but also pay attention to business address is complete, whether there is a fixed telephone, whether the site after filing… In a word, the home page of the enterprise website must take the responsibility of establishing the user’s trust;

4 government websites: Government Network >

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