Marketing is like love (two) love thinking to do network marketing decryption Lonely Nine Sword

March 6, 2017

type: the first speculative encounter, create opportunities for


Buddah says 500 years of looking back only in exchange for this life pass by, love always starts from an encounter with a smile, perhaps one is in the crowd, let your heart. However, this feeling has never happened to you, why? Because back a smile may be like two because we are in a hurry to depart, did not go to stay with a smile the fate of her feet. So 500 years for a chance to meet, will only appear in the fairy tale, in real life we also need to take the initiative to find. You need to have your favorite object of a portrait, cute, or gentle, or optimistic live wave type. And then analyze her (his) most likely place, perhaps a kindergarten school, or Starbucks coffee shop, or a stylish bar. If you want to be what kind of person, you should always be with the same kind of people, in order to find a certain kind of person, you have to go to these people often go. In the movie "want to marry a rich man", Sammi Cheng plays the leading lady who wants to have a taste of the rich, so he chose to go to Europe’s first class, because the first class must be rich. Marketing is the same, the wine network even more deep, at home waiting for customers to come is not realistic, you need to take the initiative to find your customers, your information on potential customers through the place. You must give your customers a painting like, he is probably what occupation, what age, what hobbies, and then analyze what is their access to information online, love what search keywords, love bubble what kind of network community, love playing WeChat, what may appear in the QQ group, the next thing to do is your information often appear in the potential customers, making one encounter, win the marketing opportunities.

type: second white crane spreads its wings. The show featured, eye-catching

modern people have too much information interference, there are too many things to attract attention, a simple encounter, perhaps just another pass. Peacock, blossom beautifully, the gorilla thump chest, highlight its strength, in fact, only to let the hearts of it look at myself. To attract the attention of the opposite sex, you need to quickly show your characteristics, to attract the other eye. In the "2" fight back Stephen Chow in the aisle met with Athena Chu, a few words of Athena Chu see the evaluation of "wave" of the book soon attracted the interest of Athena Chu. In "I am your sister" drama of the 28 focus, quiet for the pursuit of Jiang Dawei, first created an encounter, and then through the tea and read deliberately themselves in a quiet and elegant, like Jiang Dawei dead wife, which soon attracted the attention of Jiang Dawei, created the opportunity for subsequent communication. In "Ji" in the film machine, robot actress to attract the actor, the actor through the search engine information analysis to the actor’s love and preference, in their contact details are designed to be perfect, so as to capture the actor’s heart. We can not imitate ah, pay the true

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