How can let the station to improve the traffic.

March 6, 2017

How can I let

station improve the traffic? I think many new Adsense are such a problem, then I’m going to want to do the station and have done station visits but does not put up the owners say a new station to improve visits due to the attention of what (this is my personal experience to show to share). Also want to say is that we do is to make some money, no traffic is no way to make money, how to improve the flow of new topics, has been one of the most popular online topic of knowledge is also the most difficult. If your personal website is done, no matter how perfect, do not rely on promotion to improve the amount of visits, at best, only to do their own. Here are some basic methods.

first want to improve the site’s visit I first step by step to give you an analysis

is to look at your site has not done promotion. If the promotion is not achieved, the promotion method is not used.

(on the promotion can be done in Baidu rankings). And related sites do friendship connection to increase your site’s visit

two is the site is not a good choice for the space business.

site to do is put the space is often a problem can not open the station. Or North and South can not communicate. This will lose 1 and a half visits. If you want to improve the site traffic. Almost impossible.

There are two points in

‘s choice of space quotient. Two: stability. These two are the premises. You can choose the domestic famous space: new network (such as nets, but relatively expensive a lot of course) if you want to choose these two points are reached but taking more appropriate price is. For example, I am now using the end of the network services in the space www.ppend.com. Good service. The key to solve the problem of instability in the South and north. I’m quite satisfied with all the other aspects. Here to recommend to everyone.

three registered search engine

on this method, presumably do not have to say, how to use the search engine is the ability to be mastered by every user, the search engine is the most original and most effective way to promote the site. Find some big search engines to register it, the domestic Sohu, Sina, Yahoo and other major search engines is that you need to register, Xin this everything is free, easy to fill in some forms can be done once and for all. Of course, if you have more than one mirror address, you might as well go to the registration, you can bring unexpected results.

four to study their own website statistics

on the market a lot of statistical software, the choice of statistical software is very critical, 51, GG, Yahoo I have used, in general, each has its own advantages. I think the Tai Chi statistics is the most appropriate, very convenient to use, there is no advertising. Statistical data is very

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