We are wrong with entrepreneurship is a mistake

March 6, 2017

How many pit

business on the road, many business people are not necessarily able to count. But what pits can be avoided from the start, or listen to the experience of the past.


of the business Master said, a small headline last week to venture up to the people for a few pioneering "minefield" views are summarized, to share with you to entrepreneurs, we hope to help. (also Liu Qiangdong chiefs for entrepreneurs to bring dry cargo sharing, not to be missed!)

Sun Taoran: virtual high valuation is actually in their pit


founder Sun Taoran believes that entrepreneurs must understand a truth: financing is not to sell the company.

is the founder of financing in place for starting a new exam, but the high valuation of the equivalent of their performance to set a high standard of the original investors and founder do 90 points are very happy, because the financing valuation increased by 90 points, equivalent to 60 points, it is easy to let everyone lost.

and inflated valuations will scare away good investors. Accept the high valuation is often the best or even not good investors, because they can not get a better investment opportunities, and even because they do not understand and not professional, will be accepted by the inflated valuation. Therefore, usually, the outstanding investors do not agree with the high valuation, and even do not agree with the founder of high valuation mentality.

in the operation of the company, there are a lot of founders will follow a principle: let partners than expected – partners expect to earn a piece, we always want to let him earn two. Financing is in fact the same reason, should let investors than expected. But for investors, valuation and risk are closely related, the higher the valuation means more risk, so investors hope the low valuation is not to earn some, but to reduce the risk of investment, so, for the early stage of the project, investors will be very concerned about the valuation, and the late project because the risk is very low so investors for he will not care about the valuation.

addition, when penny earned money, much less a point is the contradictions among the people, money or money is "the contradictions between" smart entrepreneurs should first solve the problem of business development can not get the money, rather than on the basis of valuation.

Zhou Hongyi: entrepreneurs do not blindly, also do not have the money and business relations have the order reversed

The founder of & CEO

360; Zhou Hongyi said that in fact nearly two years of entrepreneurship to the entrepreneurs who have some bad consciousness, such as some people have entrepreneurship and financing relationship have the order reversed. Entrepreneurship need financing, but not to finance the venture, the probability of success will not increase the number of entrepreneurs and improve.

the current market is a strange phenomenon: China’s entrepreneurial costs higher than Silicon Valley. We got a lot of investment including, vicious competition, excessive competition, money to burn smashing advertising. For example, when the O2O, smashing money subsidy strategy

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