Shop will not sell bulk food most of the information is not complete labeling

March 6, 2017

the new revision of the "Beijing food safety regulations" soon became effective on April 1st, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the "Regulations" drafting the "Beijing food circulation license management approach" (Draft) and three specifications, yesterday began soliciting opinions on the official website. In accordance with the provisions of the relevant provisions of the Beijing classification of food circulation permit management standards (Draft), the shop and other shop sales format will not allow the operation of bulk food.

regulations: no shop to sell bulk food

in the format of Beijing food circulation permit management standards (Draft) clearly stated that no store sales format shall not operate bulk food". The draft of non store sales were defined, "non store sales refers to the operator through the store sales, food business operators through the Internet, television, telephone, mail, vending machines and other ways of food sales activities, a business mainly in the retail."

according to the draft solicitation requirements, engaged in food business using the Internet, should be prominently publicized identity information of operators in the shop home page name, contact information, business license, telecommunications and information services business website registration number and the food circulation license no.. In addition, consumers should be informed of the contents of the food label in an appropriate manner prior to the sale.

shop: most of the information is not complete

in fact, there are many young people like to buy food in the shop, some of the bulk of the food is very popular. Reporters yesterday login Taobao, in order to bulk search for keywords, there are more than 220 thousand related products, most of which are food. The most popular categories are biscuits, chocolate, candy, nuts, etc..

in a major selling candy shop, only bulk white toffee a commodity last month has 2847 transaction records. In the presentation of goods, the seller told "we are by weight weighing!" at the same time, the seller information of the commodity production license number, product standard number, name and address, the list of ingredients to express. But the reporter found that many sellers simply labeled one or two content, or even completely blank.

consumers: worried about food contamination

public Zhang is a loyal fans of online shopping snacks, recently bought a large bag of snacks on the Internet, after receiving the scale of their own home called a bit, the results surprised her. "A few pounds of Bada wood banana slices are one or two and a half pounds, half, most let a woman couldn’t accept, express delivery of the boxes have some damage," biscuit bag has broken crumbs scattered everywhere in the box." Many buyers worried that the food was contaminated by bacteria after the break, it was suggested that the network to buy bulk food is completely luck, if the taste is good, the weight of the foot, the package is complete, it is really pumping up to sign."

reporter in the evaluation of the buyer found that the package asked >

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