Taobao released a new home to strengthen mobile recharge and other common services

March 6, 2017


Taobao released a new home page

May 5th news, Taobao today announced the release of a new website home page, to strengthen the mobile phone recharge and other common services, and a substantial increase in shopping guide information.

it is understood that the revision is part of the 7 anniversary of the establishment of Taobao. Taobao UED (user experience design) official said that the main purpose of this revision is to start everything from consumers to help them find the goods more easily.

navigation from the point of view, this revision is mainly the Taobao mall, Electrical City, word of mouth information, the more fun and more fun and other business modules from the left side of the navigation to horizontal layout. While the left navigation is placed air tickets hotel, baby legend, Amoy lake, Taobao charts and other modules.

for the user, the importance of common services such as mobile phone recharge, air tickets and so on have been reflected, from a lower position to enhance the first screen. In addition, the concern is part of the shopping guide display area has also been a substantial increase, in addition to clothing, beauty, home etc. categories, forums, pictorial, Amoy girl, gangs, probation and so also appeared in here, the section named "Taobao you go", covers the vast majority of users of consumer related information.

With the increasing of Taobao’s business and users, how to effectively display and guide users to become the main problem facing UED

. Taobao UED (user experience design) official said, Taobao users are constantly growing and changing, so the need to constantly touch and feel the needs of users. In the future, we will take a small step to speed up the model, accelerate the adjustment to meet the needs of different users.

it is reported that after Taobao claimed that every day UV has been as high as 40 million, far more than eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce sites. This means that every day there are 40 million independent IP users access to Taobao, while Taobao’s current registered users have more than 190 million.

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