Entrepreneurs should GO EAST

March 6, 2017

IT industry has so far gone through four years of ten years. The first ten years (1980 ~ 1990) is the key words of hardware, the king of this stage is IBM.

second years from 1990 to 2000, the keyword is software, the world’s king is Microsoft. For the first time in ten years, China has seized the opportunity, because software has driven the development of personal computers. China’s first IT enterprise was born at this time, that is, I served before Lenovo Inc, Lenovo grabbed ten years of personal computers.

third years from 2000 to 2010, the key word is the Internet, Google beyond Microsoft has become a new generation of overlord. From the perspective of human resources, Google and Microsoft are mostly engineers, but these two companies are actually quite different from the two generation of companies – a software company, a Internet Co. Chinese seize this opportunity for ten years is the "three big mountains" — Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, from the market point of view, the three companies among the world’s top ten Internet Co list.

fourth years is that we are now experiencing the mobile Internet, now just third years, the industry as a whole there are variables, and UC is also a member of the struggle.

mobile Internet and PC Internet has a very important difference is that the difference in the core market.

PC Internet is the center of the world in the United States, I remember in 2000 when China’s PC Internet corps are coming to the United States to learn, because the United States is the creator and leader of the PC internet. There has been a word called "Copy to China". When I was in the United States and industry exchanges have been correcting this view, I said it is not "Copy to China", but "Copy to Global". In fact, not only did the birth of Chinese global leading enterprises, in the development of the globalization of Internet companies in addition to the United States and other enterprises, the enterprise of our country? No European companies, no Japanese enterprises, no enterprises in Australia, they are all in the local area. If one day the emergence of a new business, such as the group purchase second days in Japan and Germany, Australia, will have their own group purchase website — the difference between them and China may be just second days there will be 1000 group purchase website, so this is not Copy to China, but Copy to Global.

although the past all non American Internet companies are not successful globalization, but this phenomenon will not repeat in the mobile Internet, the key point is related to lifestyle. Mobile Internet is the fastest growing place in Asia, but not in the United States, the United States is the mobile Internet from 2007 Apple released iPhone, and mobile Internet in Japan from the beginning of 2001, the mobile Internet China is from the beginning of 2004.

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