Trial network VS buy online promotion who is more cost-effective

March 6, 2017

6 years ago, a chance to see Xu Le in the Taiwan entertainment "I guess" program, found that Taiwan has a website dedicated to business promotion, let users through the website platform to get to try out the product, and also very successful. After reading, Xu Le was founded in the true sense of the first trial network. Two years ago, Wang Xing will be the originator of Groupon group purchase from the United States successfully copied to China, creating a Chinese group purchase network development history.

Although the

trial network development history is much earlier than the group purchase group purchase net net, but "if suddenly spring night, the trees of pear blossoms" catch up with the rapid pace of development of the trial network, has become a popular site for nearly two years on the internet. Go back and look at the trial network, although the major portal sites, professional women have opened the trial site channel, but compared with a large group purchase network cannot be mention in the same breath.

today I would like to promote the business from the point of view, to analyze the cost of the network and try to buy the network, allowing businesses to make a more rational choice in the promotion of choice.

a, marketing investment on

: business cooperation with the network group purchase group purchase net investment is the main group purchase activities after the success of the rebate, the other is a form of coupons, customer deposit 5 yuan to 100 yuan business vouchers, the money saved by the general network group purchase. Of course, some buy network in the early construction period, you do not need any commission, you can help businesses to promote activities.

trial network: business cooperation and trial network inputs are mainly the cost of products, because these products are available free of charge to the trial network, at the same time some trial network will require businesses to bear trial goods mail fee.

from the marketing investment we can see that there is no network group purchase seemingly upfront investment, but the cooperation from many businesses revealed after the situation, because in order to make more attractive, many businesses are losing money to do activities, and the huge gap between the usual price to attract consumers.

two, get a return on

buy Network: through the group buying activities to promote the business, expanding the business brand awareness. At the same time merchants can directly get a group of tourists, through the good reputation of these customers, businesses can get some potential customers.

trial network: consumers in the trial activities are required to fill in the accurate personal information, so businesses through trial activities, access to a large number of potential customer information. At the same time, try to get the opportunity to consumers will need to write a large number of high-quality trial experience, the trial report will bring further publicity, expand the brand visibility and reputation, the good reputation for its promotion of customer transaction basis.

from businesses to participate in activities to get the return we can see that the rewards of network group purchase is the most direct, and trial network returns is potential, but in the long run, get through the trial activities a large number of customer information, and the subsequent trial report > Xuan

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