Micro business is not dangerous business demonized early fashion

March 6, 2017

micro business is not "dangerous business", the mask is not equal to the derivative, no need to demonize the micro business, business model has many of the early growth stage of barbarism, should not easily appeal to government intervention, government intervention is the last of the line, to believe that social networking will produce commercial impetus, to believe that rational consumers, believe in the power market, the invisible hand of the market, coupled with the legal and technical means, will eventually end the survival of the fittest, profiteering, quweicunzhen.

recently on the "micro business chaos" reports up more gradually, a large number of media exposure derivative " mask " crazy; more inferior, the profit amounted to dozens of times, difficult for consumers rights, sales means similar to pyramid schemes and so on, the media appeal, to achieve "derivative" orderly and non barbaric growth, avoid the circle of friends as the three products, MLM "outside the law", has become an important question in front of the society and relevant departments.

objective that the derivative of chaos does exist and familiar, many people can feel the morning of an open circle of friends, it is all sorts of "Mask", "weight loss" information scraper, dazzling, and micro business behind how much profits, business practices and direct how vulgar in the circle piece, also secretly spread the false or true "small people can get rich quickly through the circle of friends of the story, have strong demonstration effect, so that more people put in, in the search engine, micro business how to do" and "how to find the source of micro business and become a key field hot words.

however, despite the "chaos" is the existence of the severity of how it needs careful consideration. You know, any rich vitality of new things, in the early stages of development, there will be a period of barbaric growth experience, then the blog so, so Taobao, micro-blog, and so on, and now the micro business is also true. In the micro business, there are a number of people in the use of first mover advantage to make quick money, profiteering, but from the consequences, whether to have heavy must "strike hard" stage. At least for now, you can give micro providers more observation period".


said "chaos", to mention the "regulation", but the derivative of this new thing, but it is a problem of supervision. In accordance with the traditional thinking, to regulate the micro business is nothing more than two roads, one government law enforcement shot, the two is to put pressure on the platform. But these two roads are likely to be difficult for micro business. Of course, the law enforcement departments hand can hit bad micro business, but which has a law enforcement cost, micro business face like Army soldier ants, the existing means of law enforcement can only be exhaustive. Someone suggested punishing severely on illegal derivative, so not illegal, or the establishment of the standard system, improve access to the threshold, but he is worth a? Judicial resources limited, harm micro business really have to strike the punishment? Because there are people selling profits in the circle of friends of the mask?

on WeChat, micro-blog platform pressure, so that it can assume responsibility for the supervision of micro business may be a good way, but the problem is that this is very unfair to WeChat’s micro-blog operator

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