Daily excellent fresh completed $100 million C round of financing Legend Holdings lead

March 5, 2017

NetEase Francisco January 20th message, fresh and fresh daily today announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, Lenovo venture and Zhejiang venture capital under management lead investor funds, Tencent, South Korea KTB, far wing, CRE capital investment, the Tencent has 3 consecutive daily and fresh round of investment. Xu Zheng, founder and CEO daily good and fresh, said in 2017 will increase the upstream supply chain ecosystem and community cold chain network investment.

daily and fresh features in its "pre storage mode", namely the establishment of "two level distributed storage system city sorting center + community micro warehouse": the establishment of city center in North China, East China, separating Southern China and other regions, and according to the established positions in the pre order density values and the community, covering three kilometers radius, take the distribution of cold source + time cold chain ", to ensure product quality and delivery speed of 2 hours. Daily excellent fresh terms, said in July 2016 it has achieved regional profitability.

commodity strategy, the whole category of daily and fresh selection "mode, the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs covering goods, aquatic products such as the whole category, a total of more than and 100 two and more than and 300 three level directory directory, and all the three level directory provides only a few by professional buyers from global origin selection products to help users improve the decision-making efficiency and purchase.

As the

led Party voted one of the senior vice president of Lenovo Group, Lenovo Venture Group CEO He Zhiqiang said: "Lenovo will be based on the global resources, channels, markets and other areas, to provide daily and fresh strategic support, the formation of close cooperation."


investment management partner Li Zhaohui said: "as a daily and fresh early investors, we believe that the" pre positions + two hours’ mode close to the next line experience, with high consumption of fresh scene."

according to the daily and fresh data provided by the implementation of nearly 500% of the revenue growth of annual data show that in the past year, daily and fresh was founded in November 2014, December 2014 by the letter of the capital, Yuan Jing capital $5 million Angel round of investment, in May 2015 by the Tencent, $10 million capital letter A round of investment in November 2015 by the Tencent, Zhejiang venture capital 200 million yuan B round of investment, in April 2016 by the far wing investment, CRE capital 230 million yuan B+ round of investment.

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