Website promotion twelve trick

March 5, 2017

my site, the site was more than two months, the beginning of the day to visit IP only a few dozen, but now often break through the top ten thousand, also reached over fifteen thousand. Good stuff is not exclusive, the following will all promote the way I used to announce.

, of course, there is a premise, first of all, your site must be attractive, but also pay attention to the content is often updated, these two conditions are met, then start.

a. Join the major search engines. Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO, search, search, 3721 of these are well-known. There are some less famous can also join, such as Sun Wukong, K style search, fast search, Skynet search, although they bring the daily traffic is small, but a long time big, bring the flow is not small.

two. Try to join the site. Of course, HAO123265, V111, etc. have been included. Meiping stop or charge. But there are some after their web site can login, and the effect is good, such as good stuff, I want to pick and choose, music, Baiming etc.. Like a good thing to bring me every day in the flow of more than 10.


joined Baidu search alliance, of course, a similar alliance and 3721 search alliance, 163 search alliance, remember, don’t add several different search alliance code in the same site, otherwise the search engines would cut your stand. Baidu alliance is strongly recommended, if you join the Baidu alliance, you can shorten the time of the page was included in Baidu, and the number will increase the number of collections. If you put the Baidu union code on your site in a prominent position, you can also apply for special color display in the Baidu alliance.

four. Add text chain. Text chain to selectively add, do not put in the same page a few text chain, so it can not play much role, but was considered to be your site visitors. This strongly recommended black caravan Links self-help network, I also add other text chain, malicious click too much, can bring you much traffic, but the black caravan can shield the malicious click, to ensure that every visitor is valuable. A chain is different from other advertising, if you click with large, black caravan will give great encouragement, I joined the dark horse for only a month, I have to reward five times, a total of 531 points (each point is equal to a visit to IP).

five.QQ Mini portal promotion. When joining the mini portal, try to make your website written wonderful, so that people see in Tencent.com introduce your site, will give you the mini page to join his QQ, so you have a fixed visitors. Mini portal to join the method please refer to the website of Tencent.

six. In the QQ group to send messages, rather than QQ group. Using QQ group software plus friends send a message, I tried, the effect is not good, and it is difficult to find the * * * * mass software, mostly to charge. In fact, we can make good use of QQ group

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