An alternative way to promote new sites

March 5, 2017

many owners will be how to promote the new station to worry about how to do the traffic in a short time is really quite difficult. Admin5 there are a lot of articles, but are very basic. Today, I introduce a new method I thought and practice, hoping to open the train for the majority of ideas, to do their own stand.

my station is a station, first I want to make my QQ friends all know and visit the station, there are hundreds of people on my QQ, each one click is hundreds of traffic, it is very good for the new station. But if I send my website directly to them, I estimate that there should be no more people to visit, then I thought of a way to write the following things to them:

haha Taobao (www.hahataobao.com) is the site I recently produced, the role of the site is to tap the most popular Taobao products and help Amoy friends how to shop online. As my friend, if you have bought something online in Taobao, please take a few minutes, help me to do a survey, and the survey results will be sent to me, it will be of great help to me; if you do not have the experience of shopping online, then do not have to answer the following questions, if you are willing to you can put the URL, to have online shopping experience of a friend, because this is a useful site for their

thank you!

1, what is your broadband line?

a: Netcom b: Telecom c: CTT d: other


2, how to access the speed of ha ha Taobao?

a: soon b: general c: very slow


3, do you like the design of Taobao


a: like b: nothing c: feel like


4, do you think Taobao is helpful for you to shop on Taobao


a: help a lot b: a little help c: did not help


5, how much do you spend on Taobao every month?

a: lower than 100 yuan b:100 yuan c:500 yuan -100 yuan d: higher than $1000 -500


6, why do you want to buy things online

a: cheap b: can buy things can not buy local c: online shopping is very interesting d: I’m lazy, do not love shopping malls


7, what do you think Taobao needs to be perfected?


this thing I probably made 300 copies, the results of about 100 friends on QQ recognized

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