Song Yanguo leveraging the 28 push easy chain

March 5, 2017


chain to the site, because the streams of the river! Can trickle merged into the river! The chain good, high quality, quantity, so we have to worry the website does not have a good ranking. Although the chain is only one aspect of the impact of the site rankings, but this is what we do not ignore an important content SEO!

many people know, but not the chain, but also good quality must be high! But a lot of people but has not done so! The reason is not more stick! A high weight forum than those of the chain of inferior forum outside the chain to be better! Today, we will bring a better the Forum — 28 to the big house, although the 28 push the weight is very low now, but the next time the Google PR update, will certainly push 28 PR high, it is only a matter of time


first, I declare that I am not a so-called "child", I have 28 push advertising, I just from a website promotion personnel perspective to give you the 28 push to bring our all what


28 push up time is not long, A5 seeks the teacher have article wrote, in 2010 established in that day’s day, he and his 28 disciple was named 28, push! Although there is a gap of A5, and Chinaz, but the 28 push revealed the strength can not be underestimated us! Today I can see Alexa ranking query! Such a short time, has about 5000, this is the best proof of



in fact, the 28 push to bring us not only SEO talk, answer, study, and more is the chain!

1, daily attendance

28 push daily is can bring the chain, this I do not know, but then the children in the forum post told! Later, I have so much, in fact, the effect is good, can really bring the chain


2, post, do tasks


28 push registration is need to invite code, I am very lucky to get a moderator space invitation code. Just registered successfully, there is no post permissions, but it does not matter, 28 push novice task, the general task done, in a few posts, you can upgrade, you can post it!

and general as long as you send is answering posts, posts, as long as the AD is not very serious, will not be harmonious! These can bring us the chain! Can not only learn, also can send the chain, Why not?! of course, ask is to spend than the currency pushing! The problem is that the currency pushing master answer, what is not


3, personal signature

a lot of people say that the role of personal signature is getting smaller and smaller, and this seems to be the case, however, the opportunity is not equal to the small 28!

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