Mai Mai pension 30 million yuan A round of financing venture capital investment cast

March 5, 2017

June 30th news, wheat and wheat pension was 30 million yuan A round of financing, investment led by China merchants.


McGrady endowment belongs to Chengdu Mai Jiekang Technology Co., Ltd. focus wisdom of care services, with the help of smart wearable devices and mobile Internet technology, providing smart care management system, hardware and software provide complete solutions for the wisdom of care in the high-end pension institutions.

is known to all, China’s pension model is 9073, that is, 90% of home care, community care and pension institutions in the pension of 3%. However, the Mai Mai pension at the beginning of the establishment, it will determine the B2B2C model, that is, from the pension institutions began to do, and then gradually layout to the community pension and home care.

why choose from 3% of the pension agency to begin? Where fear seems, pension is a special industry, the consumer market cannot analogy. Just need to care for the elderly, that is, life care, health care. In the To B product strategy, core McGrady pension for health among the elderly elderly terminal by cloud, smart bracelet, intelligent gateway, intelligent mattress, nurse terminal by the nurse smart bracelet, intelligent gateway, nurse PAD, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, intelligent intelligent weight, mobile phone application terminal for children, the management platform for Web application.

C end of the actual needs of the elderly population, they need is not hardware, not software, but can solve practical problems. Wheat wheat pension desktop, for the elderly mobile phone users pain points, simplify the complex, part of the integration of To B business, the establishment of a health management assistant parents, parents of medical assistants. Wheat and wheat will be a combination of hardware and software, two sets of strategies complement each other, and ultimately provide a comprehensive solution for the aging of the wisdom of the elderly pension.

previously, McGrady pension has with Vanke, Allianz Group (Allianz) and other domestic and foreign large pension institutions reached a strategic cooperation agreement, and gradually and with Vanke, Fuxing, Allianz, CITIC Guoan, China Railway International, home secretary, neighborhood group, all fine and more than and 30 domestic and foreign pension industry giants a strategic partnership, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Ningbo, Shijiazhuang, Kunming, Guiyang and other places, in the high-end pension market share ranks first.

, according to Mai Mai pension, after the completion of the current round of financing will be used in several ways: to expand R & D team, set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Guangzhou, to strengthen the sales and operation team building.

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