Look at the network marketing from the Jacky Wu nude entertainment show event

March 5, 2017

Jacky Wu to withdraw from the entertainment industry in Taiwan, the news is not surprising and incredible. However, this sentence is indeed from the mouth of Jacky Wu himself. The day before in Taipei to accept the Lu Yu interview, Jacky Wu revealed the surprising news, said he will withdraw from the entertainment in June 30, 2009.

as the saying goes, the layman to watch, experts see road.

regardless of the Jacky Wu to withdraw from the Taiwan entertainment circle or his God to write a pen, has made the national media and fans were shocked. Enterprises win online (www.hnqiying.com) experts believe that this Jacky Wu naked back entertainment event called the classic interactive marketing network textbook. It released the influence, not only allow enterprises to pay attention to the importance of guiding the network of public opinion, but also to the network marketing planning on a vivid case.

why do I say that? We all know that the Internet interactive communication (also called word-of-mouth) success cannot do without two key: one is to have something can be fried, two is to control the media related reports and leading and speculation).

is really hard to believe that Jacky Wu decided to completely withdraw from the Taiwan entertainment circle, although Jacky Wu said "when artists not people do" in Taiwan, it is difficult to understand his thoughts, even his difficulties. After all, Jacky Wu grew up in the Taiwan entertainment circle, famous in Taiwan entertainment, his acting career at the Taiwan entertainment circle and can’t leave at all. Also, for Taiwan entertainment, although the new Jacky Wu has been in Taiwan emerge in an endless stream, but the entertainment without his name, have their own piece of heaven and earth, and even can be said that the Taiwan entertainment circle is a piece of land belonging to Jacky Wu, how let you accept his leave?

so, even though Mr Jacky Wu claims he will be out of Taiwan in June 30th, it is hard to believe that he will do it. Even Jacky Wu can as you like, for a long time does not appear in any television variety show in Taiwan, Taiwan does not cooperate with any production unit, not to attend any activities of Taiwan entertainment, he could not disappear from the Taiwan entertainment circle in sight. Like Edison Chan, although he said he would never quit the Hongkong entertainment, but his name has never disappeared in the media in Hongkong. Such an exit, and can be regarded as a real exit it?

recently broke suddenly: in June 17th, Taiwan veteran printed circuit board factory electronic ASL shareholders often and comprehensive re-election of directors and supervisors, the Taiwan arts king Jacky Wu took the post of chairman of the board, eye popping, and its share price is for 2 against the morning light trading board. Jacky Wu has been called to lay down the stick stick do not know whether to really concentrate on doing business?

looks bare back for Jacky Wu is really a temptation, as the original entertainment of the temptation, in my opinion, then back down to three point advantage, first is very successful achieve success and win recognition.

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