Dating site to promote the creation of a miracle to promote half a million users

March 5, 2017

an offbeat dating website, on-line only six months, the current site of millions of registered users, ALEXA has been ranked within 10 thousand day, Baidu search volume tens of thousands, if you always pay attention to the news, you probably know this website called Taonan network. Amoy male network is a female power based online dating sites, subversion of the traditional male chasing female dating mode, put forward a new concept Amoy male, so that women grasp the initiative of courtship. For a dating site, the pace of development of Amoy male network is quite fast, which is largely thanks to its unusual way to promote the model and a very unusual slogan.

said it did not take the unusual way, in fact, we are familiar with the online virus promotion model, but in the actual operation, but few sites such as Amoy male network will be the same as its energy efficiency to the extreme.

online promotion, now popular online promotion, is the use of the site, QQ group and other users to publish content intensive areas (such as soft, hot and so on), embedded web site, to attract users click on the URL to the website registration, in order to obtain the flow, the disadvantages of doing so is that you can never guarantee that their content can survive how long, and because of how long can you survive in a new group, and you can’t guarantee you hard bring registered users can stay long in your website.

how to make the new on-line site will have a breakthrough in the amount of it, hundreds of webmasters for Amoy male network to solve the problem.

The owners of these

by registering PTP Taonan network system, every webmaster have their own domain name extension, they use their large user resources to promote their own domain name, each registered user can let them get the income of 3 yuan, a station power may be small, but hundreds of owners together to promote Taonan network, performance is remarkable. These owners can also develop their own offline promotion, from which to get 20% commission. Webmaster promotion mode in a short time to Amoy male network gathered a lot of popularity, so that the site ALEXA ranking has been 10 thousand, the registered number of six months to break through the one million mark, more than 5000 per day registration.

the last point to be noted is that any website’s success is not out of thin air, for a new project development, is the market investigation, Taonan network before the line, we have spent a great deal of effort to conduct market research, site investigation of thousands of users including, of all ages, occupation, hobbies all class of users, for the website of offbeat dating patterns, there are 60% men accepted, 70% women are interested in the market attractiveness and basis of potential users from the outset that considerable -. So suggest the webmaster friends in the website before, please do not blindly, do market research is the foundation of success.

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