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March 5, 2017

      [Note: the first two days of discussions with colleagues before writing a paragraph on how to do the product. Why are some of the products are excellent, why the same thing, but there are many differences in detail? Why? ]
      recently saw some controversy on the forum users, there are some feelings. Modeled on the "why", I also wrote a blog site on why".

      why is it that there is no forum or a forum for the success of the blog in China? Why is it that a successful forum in China doesn’t have a blog or a blog that is far from thriving?

      why is Sina’s blog called "blog", Sohu’s blog called "blog", NetEase’s blog called "blog"? Why is Baidu’s blog called "space", QQ blog called "space", 51 of the blog called "space", MySpace blog called "space"?

      why Sohu blog and NetEase blog operation is similar, but different from Sina? What Sina blog operation looks like Sohu and NetEase, and even Baidu, but Sina blog is the boss of the field of domestic blog?

      why the recent selection of the country’s 2 most Internet Co, blog network and Blogcn have been mentioned many times, but blogbus no one said it was not good? Why blogbus often often downtime, data loss, error frequency may even exceed most of the personal blog site, but still the best domestic blog site? Why was the Blogcn blog site leader, many well-known bloggers are started from Blogcn, but to escape? Why did Blogcn and bokee get $ten million investment, but did not get the investment blogbus?

      why wretch Taiwan dare to VIP membership fees? Why only blogbus dare to VIP membership fees?

      why do celebrities want to open a Sina blog, and then run away? Why only a few thousand registered users of the industry Web site, can gather up the industry’s top experts, and Sina can not?

      why the same starting point, the same set of procedures, also in a subdivision field? Why do some success or have a very good starting point, some soon disappeared?


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