How to keep the site back

March 5, 2017

most webmasters website are just the idea that the article, you can get traffic from search engines, in fact, this idea is wrong. People come and go, and no repeat. Over the last few months of site traffic did not increase, the customer retention is not difficult, as long as let her think of your web site, on the line, here to say a few key:

1 domain name to remember

2 site to feature

3 competitors to less

4 to frequently update

5 to organize activities (if the site is relatively large)

7 select the original article keywords

said many sites are important to the original, but the original, should be targeted, most websites add article many but little traffic, individual pages of Trinidad and Tobago, the reason is happened to meet " more focus, less related to " keywords, think, little happened to probability, if the flow can go to? Double, I do a keyword, traffic to 1000IP daily, but should pay attention to, to find relevant keywords and their own website, and find web sites do not meet. People just won’t see immediately shut down. Do not look down on 1000IP, 1000IP if your site is very good, you can retain users, assuming that you can leave 300IP 1000IP, 10 days is 3000, a month down is 1WIP. Friends of the TV station (www.920575.cn) is a good example, we can go to see.

select " more attention, less relevant " keywords. How to find it? Go to Baidu, search your site’s key words, and then look at the key words. Find a good " less related " later, to see the Baidu index (that is, the day many people search), pay attention to observe the line chart to see if, in general more than 100 can do original, don’t think 100 less, because 1000 is too little, note: & quot; set a little "


8 retain customers

This is not

, what can be said, is to allow customers to love your website, the many factors, such as domain names, style, characteristics, contents and think of home, if the home page is ugly you will think website


do it almost, if a little plus SEO, that is, there are many articles in what Admin5 " ", rookie webmaster flow; " site for a month, tens of thousands of IP " these are possible; and do not imagine in so difficult, as long as the method of luck.

network is like rivers and lakes, as long as you put 18

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