1 billion 200 million after holding the cat car financing a second-hand car shop chain plans to help

March 4, 2017

In 2015,

, the car has been doing B2C mode of second-hand car trading, they will be called the "certification" + "to buy" service, to help C get more reliable end buyers, from the upstream B end of second-hand car business. September 2015, car cat got 1 billion 200 million yuan B round of financing.

March 31st, car, announced the country car in Beijing (600335) reached an agreement in the line 4S chain store "really car", and controlling (specific shares did not disclose).

car cat will use certified used car chain "mode join joint line in readiness certification, O2O business operations, financial and automotive after market services, to achieve the national expansion of car brand cat. It is expected that by 2017, more than 1000 phenomenal experience centers will be completed in 2018, with the completion of the 2000.

from help buy to help sell

last year, which started from Hangzhou used car business platform is completed:

1, the establishment of a system of authentication mode, including a total of 1058 items, requiring all vehicles to carry on the shelf detection;

2, the realization of a single city, single month turnover of over 300 units, each of the consultants to help buy the per capita turnover of nearly 100 units;

3, launched its own financial products "meow fast loan", to solve the problems of financial borrowing in the field of second-hand car, the slow process of audit.

at the end of 2015, the team, including the founder and CEO of Huang Wei I have been thinking about a problem, "our B2C mode is efficient enough? Who is our true customer service?"

it is understood that the B2C mode is mainly to do service vehicles, C end users, help them to choose reliable car; while the B side just upstream of the flow, originally there is no close contact. In this kind of pay attention to help buy B2C mode, access to the C end user has become the most headache problem. On the one hand, they are super low frequency; on the other hand, access to high cost.

in the car before founding the cat, Huang Wei was the early employees of Alibaba. He carefully studied the Tmall mall B2C model. Early, in order to solve the Taobao C2C model, the uncertainty of the product, Ali opened up Tmall, B2C way to provide users with good quality goods. At that time, Tmall is more focused on C end users. But with the development of Tmall so far, "standard" and "genuine" has become a default. In 2014, Tmall began to change their B2C mode to "business empowerment", which helps businesses to provide new products, marketing, processing Weihuo sinking to the three or four line of the city, big data tools, logistics system and so on.

once, Huang Wei had a line and get off the shop owner exchange experience, the store had sold 1000 second-hand cars last year, and only about 3 clues from second-hand car electricity supplier.

he found, "

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