WeChat marketing practical skills of private WeChat friends group tips

March 4, 2017

as far as I know, this method is simple, but very few people will be found, even though it is found that few people insist on doing.

1, why add a letter to the name


answer: (1) to avoid confusion with previous friends


system default is according to the grouping of friends the first word of the first letter of order, if new plus friends is the first letter A, it will automatically in the front row, and we may find a friend before the "memory" will create confusion.

(2) have friends might think, why is it so complicated, and not directly in front of digital line? If so, you will find the note buddy "disappeared", ha! Is actually in the final "#" word group, and ahead of some new plus friends is the name of expression, will be automatically ranked at the bottom, you add it, sometimes recorded looking up in communication, as it disappeared. (tip: This is a student Liang Qiran original, want to know more about the latest WeChat marketing at WeChat, please dry cargo, the public search for "Qiran beam", also can be Baidu search "Qiran beam". Please keep this copyright information when reproduced (


2, just add a friend what we want to do


note, note the more detailed the better, we can refer to the name | occupation | area ", so that more clearly know why this person is, the details determine success or failure, not good for small. When too many friends, find convenient remarks. If you add too many friends every day, you can use WeChat page version to note, or ask your staff to help note.

3, how to group more effective?

answer: everyone can be grouped according to customer attributes, such as new customers, old customers, potential customers or partners, can also be grouped on the staff, and then use the "a" on behalf of new customers," b" on behalf of old customers, then the number in front of, such as "A1 | Qiran Wei marketing | Foshan ".

What are the benefits of



A: 1, improve the work efficiency of 2, mass of information more convenient, because you have all kinds of friends sort, new mass when you find the corresponding customer is very easy to find, very clear, and each group only 200 people, if your friends more than 200 people, and you have sent over 200 man, you again will know where the mass, in fact this is the first point of the extension.

the above method is mainly for customer management and group, another is for the circle of friends to share the grouping method, others have to share, here is not as detailed, do not know the friends can add my WeChat

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