God carved out counter who carved sirloin does not make money

March 4, 2017

in recent days, a "successful" carved sirloin why not widespread. Carved Ye finally sit still, write down the title of "carving Ye personal secret: why the failure of the carving?". The title is not the focus, let us look at how to fight back.

today it is Wednesday! Why American "black list", "bankruptcy sisters", "homeland security" are not updated? Too bad, nothing to do…… The earlier time, can’t fall asleep, simply code.

what? Suddenly, the two day, there have been micro-blog @ I, said a man named "incompetent bear" stupid, wrote "why not" successfully carved sirloin silly article, shouting I refute it, I just laugh crazy, what? The last three years of catering industry, there are more successful than carved sirloin case? Why don’t you go to write "why not" millet success better?

Oh, yes, that is really stupid like writing, insist on writing for several years, continuous black millet…… Of course, the black is very effective, really millet black less successful, currently only third of the world. I want to ah, this guy, maybe is the legendary "red billed crow", and Bailey’s "black crow mouth", Bailey is praised who die, red billed crow is characteristic of who who red – so I have to beg a moron scold me a few, my best curse like that millet, I could barely third of the world


however, there are a lot of people told me that this guy is doing what "micro business training", well, the recent fame is not too good, specially a stockpile, and then sell products without friends…… Taking into account the incompetence of the bear "my business sense to many people praised him incapable of further increase, even the bad paper" write very reasonable ", I only shot to save — you, there are business logic, the vulnerability is as much like shit, I picked up a few big screen, about the leakage that is to have a free class I ignorance.

begins, will open the

.When the

of God carved sirloin do not succeed, I know. The reason is very simple, because before contact with CDH and South beauty. I don’t believe what a miracle, do not become South Beauty CDH thing, I don’t think God carved can be made."

: Excuse me, this is more than the second grade primary school can tolerate the logic? Ding Hui and South Beauty do not matter, others do not? That NOKIA and Motorola do not matter, Jobs will definitely do it? There is a connection between the two? And, what is called "made"? If listed? Xiaonanguo and Hand-Pulled Noodle have Ajisen successfully listed? Not to mention the grandmother and sea fishing boss are respectively on different occasions told me, "listed? Cash burn burn? Why listed to others?" said secretly a sea fishing, and even cash how to put money to when LP, VC, other industry listed investment curve for making money. >

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