Seize the core of these two core network marketing rookie can also launch a good effect

March 4, 2017


recently Kun Peng wrote several articles on continuous content and related articles, and today we talk about network marketing, not much to say, straight into the topic.

in marketing planning, planning product selling points or refining the product selling point is a very important step. Because we do the final result of marketing is to sell the product to the user, and the user is also directed at the product, so in the marketing process, the product will certainly be the advantages, selling points, such as fully demonstrated to the user. This is also a key element in the marketing process, impress users, contributed to the transaction.

does not sell, it is difficult to achieve differentiation competition.

here are two words:

planning selling point

refining selling point

planning selling point is in the product positioning planning stage, the product selling points out of planning and into the product design. Strictly speaking, the product selling point should be in the product positioning stage planning. But in reality, many enterprises marketing awareness is weak, often marketing personnel in the marketing planning, product already out, marketing planners say no, this is the marketing personnel’s sorrow, but never mind, everything has a process.

Kun Peng theory and we say, whether it is planning selling points, or refining the selling points, we must follow the following five principles:


first, unique principle

many companies feel their products have a selling point, in fact, they do not sell. For example, Kun Peng on the contact with some of the high-end food business, most of their selling points are: health, green, organic, safe, natural, etc.. This can be called a selling point? Similar products have, have stressed the point, can be called selling point?. The first principle of selling points is unique, only unique, in order to produce differentiation. Prominent selling point, you must have, others do not, or a small number of people have.

second, the true and trustworthy principle

prominent selling point is unique is not enough, but also to allow users to believe that the line, otherwise it will not only have no effect, but also counterproductive, so that users feel that you are in".


down to earth’s principle

in line with the former two based on selling enough down to earth, down to earth this refers to meet the needs of users, emphasizing the selling point is that users want, even very want.

fourth, easy to understand the principle of

describes the selling point of the language, should be civilians, easy to understand, easy to accept and understand. Do not write words that are difficult to understand in order to pursue what is known as "word optimization" or "tall".

fifth, concise and comprehensive principle


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