Li Kaifu traditional enterprises are particularly weak is a huge advantage of entrepreneurs

March 4, 2017


technology news November 8th afternoon news, recently, innovation works chairman and chief executive officer Li Kaifu made a keynote speech in the British led to influence the scene, he shared his for the differences between Chinese and American business environment, and that the Internet in the field of entrepreneurship, China there is a huge opportunity to catch up with the United states.

Li Kaifu optimistic about China’s Internet development prospects. He said that China is already the world’s largest Internet market, there are many opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, which in the future will be a huge bonus and advantage.

in addition, Li Kaifu also said that a lot of angel investors from Tencent Ali, they are more numerous than the number of Silicon Valley, the most important part of the Internet to build entrepreneurial ecology.

finally, is China Internet development opportunity: traditional enterprise especially weak, through the Internet to create a new brand is not difficult, so innovation works investment "one hundred thousand joke" and "runaway comic" to rapid success.

In addition,

, Li Kaifu and the audience shared innovation works investment logic for 6 years, and will continue to invest in Android firmly within the system, entertainment content, machine learning, robotics, intelligent hardware and large data fields. And said that although optimistic about the prospect of things, but not yet, not now cast anything networking platform. ()


Li Kaifu in his speech

is the following Li Kaifu speech:

thank you very much for the opportunity to share this evening with Reed, one of my most respected investors, Mr. Hoffman. I’d like to think about what the most interesting part of the conversation might be today, so I’d like to talk about three things today.

first, is China’s innovation and entrepreneurship environment today is a particularly exciting environment for us.

second, what exactly is the Innovation workshop, and then what kind of projects we’re investing in, and why they are important to us.

third, what have I learned in the past 6 years at the innovation workshop.

was the first to talk about China today’s entrepreneurial opportunities, you may hear many voices outside today, winter is coming, and heard a lot of blood into entrepreneurs in innovation and entrepreneurship in the street there goes for blood and in the end today? Look at the world’s most valuable company is about 2/3 of the remaining 1/3 in the United States, 1/3 inside the 2/3 in Chinese, now the pattern is strong us two, three of two in the United States, Chinese accounted for 1/3 of the 2/3.

American companies with a new way of thinking to roll up the U.S. market, and then slowly pushed to Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and other markets, to make it bigger in developed countries. The features we see in China, the Chinese start-up companies to do the Chinese market, do not go out, I will talk about some opportunities to see the future. This >

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