Why should the webmaster with circle culture marketing yourself

March 4, 2017

today 2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Hainan in Boao, which not only let three teacher soil had a very popular network language in social circles! Industry vigorously over time, we should look at this product to time? QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and other social software all the time let us into a circle to. Therefore, today I stand on the point of view of the webmaster to think about: why webmasters with circle culture marketing yourself?

what is the circle?

this is a very good understanding of the meaning, for example, I built a group of friends, invite some of the achievements in the field of webmaster friends to join my group of friends. This will be able to form a platform for mutual exchange, as long as we are in this circle, we can use the advantages of resources to promote their own, in order to achieve the purpose of resource sharing. In fact, as early as a few years ago, the British anthropologist Robin ·, University of Oxford, proposed the famous "Dunbar theory", that is, the 150 law, we can take him as the embryonic form of the theory of the circle. The so-called 150 theory is: the number of people in the upper limit of the number of people in the community of 150 people, the exact number of contacts tracking the number of contacts for about 20. Therefore, the webmaster friends, it is necessary to have a good circle to allow you to broaden your horizons, because different media may be involved in all areas of life.

Why did

go in circles?

a lot of people want to join in a circle first aim is to be able to learn or to make friends, so people in the circle of emotional communication more profound, openness is also higher, said don’t hide. You say that you are to learn the knowledge, good circle of experts in the field can be sent to you in the fastest time in time. You say you are dating, is also OK! Who do not want their friends more, way more than friends! At least one circle brought together the industry’s elite, the circle seems to let everyone find a sense of belonging. So, in order to do a good job from the media, should not do alone".

what kind of circle suits you?

from the media friends, most worried about is the "two days of fishing nets three days of drying, why? If you want to do from the media, you have to keep learning, to develop their own new capabilities, but also continuous innovation. In order to make their own media to do a good job, we must choose their own circle. For example, you are doing micro business, but you join the circle of their own business and is eight pole could not beat the emotion group, gossip group ", you’re in the wrong circle, finally only. Since the media circle, the most important thing is that you join the circle of people have long, positive energy full!

the most common circle promotion practices:

1, circle promotion. Join a circle, want to get everyone’s approval, you must let yourself active in the circle, try to improve their exposure. For those in the circle of people not not to utter a single word, "

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