My site experience, rookie promotion road

March 4, 2017

this is the first time to publish an article on ADMIN5, thank you ADMIN5.

I do website design, usually only to the customer site, also do not have their own website, in September, 1 want to play, then apply the www.2yxl.com corn, means it is like thunder, oh, you do not laugh, a few days to their website to do, originally want to gather others the Admin5 read a lot of articles, I gave up the idea of acquisition, is to manually update it, probably at the end of September, the official opening of the website, think about how publicity, then escape third season just come out, so that Baidu Post Bar posts a day brought me more than and 200 IP, mainly Post Bar the old management delete, think, well, not fat, and enrich the content, so every day I more than 10 new movies, slowly until October, Baidu included, flow to every day More than and 300 IP, I still want to put your SEO page to the Baidu home page, but several times without success, (I do dishes), then suddenly an idea came out, I do not need to do home ah, I have to do is the movie that page ah, people are looking for a movie search the movie title, nobody will search your home page keyword, and then in Baidu billboard yarn to find some hot movie TV update, the second day Baidu confiscated, depressed ing, a TITLE, and more, make only superficial changes, he received no, second days 1 look close, haha,. Included in the effect is very good, plus SEO, basically in the first page of Baidu, the day brings more than and 600 IP, slowly to November points. These days, Baidu is taking care of me, what big ah, our princess ah, ah, big man, search on the first page.


I also calculate the station for more than 1 months, the whole I am quite satisfied, what is wrong, welcome criticism, I QQ:3439156

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