Continue to search the consequences of the search engine, the webmaster to learn!

March 4, 2017

for a long time do not have their own online wrote, today I write this article to all kinds of website owners and friends a revelation, one can make everyone feel, promote the skill problems.

maybe, a lot of people will ask: "search engine promotion is also used to talk about it? Directly to the search engine landing site is not it?" And if you think so, it is completely mistaken, not only the performance of the search engine, the landing site in the search engine database within you, it will automatically put your landing site included in the database, it is passive, this is also active, and someone may ask: "how is that make it active included your site?"

yes! Is this problem want to remind everyone today, want to search engine active included your site, of course, is not a single login search engine database, you can, but need to prove with action, action search engine why your website contains in? First note: I’m not a master, but I hope you pay attention to let the search engine active included your site problems!

good! Into the point: in March, I read an article about the promotion, the content is probably that landing Google search engine, in addition to the landing site in the search engine, and other content of the page, some pages are did not included in, then you have to take the initiative to visit them one by one into the search engine.

because at that time, after reading this article, I will be made one should not, is very regret, I do not know how, I actually put each web page into one by one landing Google, Baidu search engine, generally also landed the one hundred or two hundred URLs! Helpless ING ah!

            the results of a month today, the content of the website pages by search engines (Google, Baidu) abandoned, but also the collected before discarding most, today is really cry no tears! Hard down, but to get this result, so, this article, after you see the webmaster, but to pay attention to, 10 million, do not blindly landing search engine, because, at the outset of my impulse. Oh dear!

        well, the article here also finished, although the level of the article is not very good, but it is also a reminder to everyone, we must pay attention to!

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