From 0 to 1000, my webmaster process

March 4, 2017

has always been a love go to the forum, from the initial Internet is so, so when the opportunity… Website. The first to do is forum.


was a student, not too much money to buy space in 2006 May, my chance to contact to the higher the stuff, then have a do not remember what is called the union, do not need to do publicity on the site can get money, and pay the threshold is only 10 yuan, I have a try of the mind to do, and joined the group found this Wangzhuan, this world and website group of people to make money (if I naively =// =


then I do Wangzhuan while thinking about the station, everywhere looking for free space on the Internet over several days, finally found a space Forum… In order to avoid advertising rift, I will not say that the name of the forum, its administrator named Kein, do not know he’s behind oh so I started with him! I provide free space to do forum, with the PW… (I do not know. The machine is not, I open the DZ forum is very slow) go from a forum for the return of.

just started doing, what also do not understand, even the most simple pictures are not posted, you slowly put the essence of their love forum post, what they are interested in their own forums, the forum only I a person, so I started to go I often visit the forum advertising stick, less than an hour will be deleted at the beginning, I feel particularly aggrieved = =/// is not advertising… (now I think advertisement is very abhorrent. Those violent software hair).

started with a free two level domain name, the end of May with Wangzhuan money to buy a CN meter, he is also full of love, more than and 20 ocean, just when I heard so very much Baidu Post Bar people, and I’ll Pidianpidian running Baidu Post Bar with new domain name his fierce hair, that a few days to flow fast… But… The ensuing pain! — he does not accept the new Baidu Y domain name… I so I went to find the reason for…. silly go to Baidu Post Bar requirements included, only to find that there are so many people in this world for Oh, I came in more than and 100 pages later… No matter, or do the two level domain name, traffic has been around more than and 300

then came to the summer vacation… Go home and rest, not more than two months of continuous tube forum, the daily more than and 100 IP.. Ad = – I also put a monthly income of 2 block = =///… Several moderators. Before finally coming out of all.

summer was over and go back to school, found a surprise, that the CN domain had been collected, August 29th is a collection of 1 pages, the heart. Just at that moment of ecstasy… Found behind, see webmaster story of several pieces of forum posts, to hold the ordinary heart attitude do "on

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