APP promotion from scratch

March 4, 2017

now there are more and more companies are developing their own APP, including the application of a variety of industries, such as social class APP, class APP, class APP and even the nature of the class is not a minority of APP. However, these APP will come up with a common problem, that is, how to promote a product if there is no promotion is tantamount to useless products. Some operations group will think that APP promotion budget is insufficient, some believe that the promotion of no experience, some have a budget but do not know how to start from scratch. Here are a few ways to talk about APP promotion from scratch, almost zero cost or a small cost of promotion.

first, leave the APP "summary" or "instructions" on the internet". The "summary" or "manual" referred to here is a brief introduction to the APP or a manual. Because the newly developed APP on the Internet is almost no information, once the user wants to know when to know the name, the search engine to search found no information, it will lose interest in this APP. Here is the most effective can create a APP on the encyclopedia on the Internet, once the user to search, users understand from the Encyclopedia of the opportunity will be very large, because the Encyclopedia of knowledge above relative rankings are in front. At the same time, if you want to APP as a brand to operate, Wikipedia will also play a major role. At the same time, said here is not just an encyclopedia entry Baidu encyclopedia, we can set up a variety of related entries in the search on Wikipedia, as long as the user can easily search entries will have an effect. It should also be noted. The creation of skills, build encyclopedia there are certain technical content, such as Wikipedia content to express the logic clear, easy to understand, with illustrations can let the user at a glance.

second, build social media marketing platform for APP. WeChat and micro-blog are social media platform of the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, many people have installed, especially APP and social media active users in the mobile phone is more and more, so micro-blog and WeChat platform can be used to potential users and APP may interact. Of course, some people will think that can add interactive features in APP, but for most users, a APP if did not win the trust of users, the user is not easy to use, so APP interactive function is generally not recommended to as contrary to interactive tools, fans, social media platforms can whenever and wherever possible to provide a platform for direct communication between the fans and users, which plays an important role in the establishment of APP in the heart of the user image.

third, the Internet community to attract traffic information release. Through the promotion of social media and Wikipedia and other channels, a new APP will slowly have a certain basis for the promotion of. This time is to maximize the flow of attraction. A lot of people think that the so-called promotion flow easier said than done, in fact, there are two ways to attract the best flow, then >

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