Why P ten thousand today, tomorrow P two thousand

March 4, 2017

when conversing with many webmaster and network popularization personnel, they often complain about my website today IP tomorrow IP many little, this is why? The answer is very simple because your website does not stay, there is no repeat.

When I took over

Chinese engineering auto parts network also encountered this problem, I in the QQ group, forum, blog, etc. Post Bar post promotion every day, I was very happy when I saw IP today, I feel the efforts have the harvest, but I did not repeat what happened yesterday tomorrow has dropped to IP very low, I will analyze the reasons, and through the communication with the customer and I draw a conclusion that is the site of less information, especially as we do China engineering auto industry network of supply and demand information website, so many customers to our website to see little information they will not say on your website on the web advertising.

How many

sites for the industry supply and demand information is very important, but for other types of websites, such as entertainment, news, portals, leisure, business and so on, no matter what type of website, website content is very important, I see a lot of web page content within the column plate not all the people will be in the next time how to log on to your website? So we must first ensure that the content of home and then try to add information to complete in site filling up.

the information added most is reproduced in other sites, but also to information, later will best original, you won’t write to other websites to change the title, and the content can be changed, because we want the search engines.

is very important for engineering such as China auto parts industry sites and demand information, so they are in the QQ group, forum, blog, Post Bar to promote free release of information card, so the content of the website will be a day full.

The content of the

website has been enriched and updated every day. Today, people who have found their favorite columns or information will continue to log on to your site.

, of course, for some of the original site is good, and increase the number of other attractive sites do not have the column, so that it will retain people.

hope to all the Webmaster Help, this is my QQ:947148130 QQ, hoping to find like-minded friends on the network and can communicate! By network marketing center friendship feeds.

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