Four new network promotion methods

March 4, 2017

There are many ways to promote

. BLOG promotion, SEO, BBS promotion, soft Wen promotion, virus promotion, etc.. Today, I’m here to talk about the new network promotion methods. Interested friends can try!

first. Entity promotion

in the promotion of the network, if the entity and promote the effective combination of the same, which can also occur chemical reaction. For example, if I was selling clothes online, when you send out, add a piece of paper, sell items that you contact and specific, which greatly increased the possibility of users to become lifelong users. Some customers next to the people also have a great opportunity for your product promotion and publicity, which can be very short, to establish a good reputation, the premise is that your product quality must be guaranteed.

Second kinds of

. Offline promotion

if you want to buy a car, the average person will find specific information about the car from the Internet, and then to the store, such as the 4S shop to buy a car. If there is a 4S store on the site, or other valid sales information, this is a kind of offline promotion. Under the promotion of the benefits of the line is not to spend too much time and cost in the above, if you can and SEO and other promotional methods together, the effect is very good.

Third kinds of

. Watermark promotion

if you often go to the movies you will find that in the lower right corner of the film there is a watermark in the video station, such as potatoes, as long as your movie is good enough to make their own enough flavor. In that case, click on the basic can be tens of thousands, if coupled with the user’s reprint, the impact is very large.

it’s also a good way to build a brand for a new product if you use it.

Fourth kinds of

. Witkey promotion

in China, the development of Witkey has very mature, and the word Witkey, is more and more accepted. The use of specific methods, Laoxie just for example, you can publish some tasks, such as web sites for BUG, LOGO production and so on, the best is about what you want to popularize information, then the price higher than others in energizer. This is more likely to cause the user’s interest, but also directly bring traffic. If done well, it can help to build a brand.

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