Case analysis of how to create a professional service small sites

March 4, 2017

A few days ago I

the webmaster online publishing an article called "small webmaster website from utility to service change" the article analyzes the current situation of small station at present, and proposed to build a service-oriented site ideas, many users may read the article after a little impression, but also produces a point the following combination of resonance, I am currently working to build a pig Shaoxing tourism network (www.yizhizhu.com) a detailed description of how to start small, in the fierce competition in the network industry for their own seats.

the overall positioning of a pig site is the Shaoxing tourism network, will be the characteristics of Shaoxing attractions, leisure farms, hiking and other various types of tourism and interesting self-help Tour presented in front of a full range of friends.

How many

from the tourism network win? My basic idea is to do little to do all.

small, I do not travel with the competition, the site pay attention to all the exquisite attractions, I have another monarch and the diameter, I do not clear the small spots all but very fun and interesting, such as the characteristics of Shaoxing hiking, farmhouse, some of the more interesting things about Hugh etc.. These are usually in the local forum, the forum of things to come to query the relevant information on the Internet, the route ticket ah ah eat ah, buy souvenirs ah, very detailed introduction, convenient grassroots travel enthusiasts with low cost and high efficiency of tourism.

do special, interesting interesting spots do very professional, so I have no people, I have gifted. For example, we here have a farm, is very distinctive, then the characteristics of the very professional, and in the vicinity of ten point, the related information through editing their concentration, for travel enthusiasts quanjingshi show the area, grasp the features at a glance.

, collecting relevant interesting place should be comprehensive, did not miss any corner, although cannot face masks to start, but step by step to improve. For example, how to get to the bus, driving route to go, what is there special snack or dishes, you need to pay attention to what and so on, so that we can fully understand the region’s tourism and local customs and practices.


, the above three points are good, even if you go to the local tourism, so the heart can also travel with the introduction of the webmaster, the body is not moved and the heart is far…… .

a pig site will be opened in May 1st, but the group number 84817112 has been opened, welcome friends to join the discussion.

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