Since the media blog ten contribution platform list

March 4, 2017

is now doing more and more friends from the media blog, a lot of friends do not know where to write the original articles to contribute. In fact, there are many contributors to the platform, but also dozens of it, every morning I go to the major platforms to contribute. However, we recommend only ten I feel good platform for everyone.


blog from the media to write original, not promotion is not feasible. We have established a good blog from the media, not many people visit, we only through a large number of traffic to promote the site can be. The following is just my personal blog to Shao Lianhu rankings, does not represent all the views.

1, A5 Adsense network

A5 station network can be said to be one of the largest domestic Webmaster Platform, although there are a lot of Webmaster Platform, but feel the A5 webmaster more formal, popular, and most know small webmaster difficulties. I used to think it would be very difficult to contribute A5 network, however, a long time to find, as long as the article is original, a little value will be passed. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to contribute, the probability of submission is very high.

2, webmaster home

webmaster home is also a well-known webmaster website, popularity is also very prosperous. However, the home of the webmaster contribution some difficulty, not easy to pass. Moreover, the owner of the house will not move will maintain, do not know what is the reason. We can try to go to the home of the webmaster contribution, although a bit difficult, however, if the volume is very large through an article.

3, Lu Songsong blog

song’s blog can be said to be able to contribute to success, the amount of browsing is very large, than the A5 webmaster network and the flow of the webmaster’s home are big, after all, is the same as our blog from the media blog. However, song’s blog only released an article a day, and the pass rate is very low. I contributed a lot of articles, did not pass an article. At that time there was an article to determine the release of loose brother, due to some reasons did not release success. Difficulty, you can also try.

4, search forum

search forum is as long as the original article, related will be approved, I was almost a day of original articles, and almost all successful release, and around three hundred or four hundred pageviews a day, very good. So, if you have the original article can contribute to try, very easy.

5, Moonlight blog

Moonlight blog is a very old blog site, it is more famous than the blog. However, the Moonlight blog seems to be focused on the technical class, the general article to contribute will not pass the audit. I also tried to cast a few articles did not pass the audit, and later, I gave up, do not want to waste time every day in this submission. You can go to study his blog is what kind of article, you can try.

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