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March 4, 2017

June 28, 2014, the expansion of the company, and I have been responsible for the company’s network for 3 years for a long time, the company’s expansion in the day the boss talked with me, saying you are in accordance with the performance of the network has occupied 10% of the company’s. Of course, I’m happy to hear that. Since the boss hired me, although I sometimes hot and sometimes cold, but I also know that my boss is very important. (why the boss told me sometimes hot and sometimes cold only 3 people know, the whole company, boss, manager, I, here, I can only say superstition).


the boss talked with me is I is to enhance the network marketing performance, this is what he said "Serena ah, now the company has expanded, you need to keep up with the performance". And my answer "10 thousand". Simple 10 thousand dialogue, the boss sent a bag out of the cash to me. Here you will find it out, then I feel ridiculous, this is why sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

I took the 10 thousand pieces, immediately call back to Wuhua computer assembly shop, ask him to help me to assemble a desktop high-speed computer, installed after the courier to Shenzhen, another piece of outrageous things, I am in Shenzhen, why to call back to the old plate assembly, because for me friends assembled 5 computer, full speed class, the price is more affordable. On this point, I chose to assemble in Wuhua home, the cost of 3000.

2 days later, the computer to receive, and immediately to develop a network marketing program. Could write this marketing plan, I didn’t write directly to the website to modify, in accordance with their own ideas, two days and 36 hours of work, another 16 hours, in addition to eat and drink, on Restroom, is to sleep. In the evening, I also overnight in second days, to modify the site, the boss found me black eyes to say, go to sleep, I save the data to sleep, when I wake up, other colleagues already work, and I continue to work all night is a night, the boss not found, and I continue to modify, develop strategy.

dry network are aware that the program has just started and rectification is the most thing. Pay more than others before, then the success of a little more. And I, because the boss is his relatives, he helped me with my family, so I have to work harder than others, a drop of grace, when yongquan.


website after rectification, immediately promotion dressing, I saw a great article on the Internet at that time, SEO optimization effect is slower, if you want to quickly cash out effect, proposed the use of SEM (SEM, PPC, have more money, higher ranking), another factor is that I when analyzing the competitor’s website, found no less than 20 enterprises in the Baidu promotion, Baidu promotion immediately pick up the phone to make a telephone call, Baidu opened the bidding, account fees 5600. Computer account 8600 No.

and I was the first time to do Baidu promotion, although not done, but had seen each

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