What is more important than 08 years to improve traffic

March 4, 2017

in order to flow, and now grassroots Adsense crazy learning SEO, in fact, is not in line with the laws of the market economy, a lot of traffic, was wasted grassroots webmaster!

I give a small example, I make a study abroad, the data acquisition of 3~5 million, keyword stuffing and cheat, a month, if can bring traffic to 5000IP, not many? For general Laoniao stationmaster, the flow should be said to be general. But if the IP5000 on the station, if to a foreign intermediary company operation, their boss will like dead, why? Because, generally speaking, 100IP can bring a telephone consultation, 10 telephone consultation, will be transformed into a customers, 3~5 home households, are generally a sign a, that is to say, if you do IP5000, the equivalent of every day to help companies recruit a customer, a customer how much profit? Just 20 thousand intermediary fee calculation, the cost of 1 million, profit five thousand. The 300 day, there are nearly 1 million 500 thousand of the profits!

of course, this is a small example of my study, the flow is not large, not too good to do 5000IP, and calls the documentary and sign the agreement are tricky, so I say this for example, is a relatively ideal model.

but can you say that this is not the case? Absolutely appropriate, because this analogy is to prove a phenomenon. A large number of traffic in the hands of individuals master, but you, but in the waste flow.

I actually said individual stationmaster in the waste flow, is a bit exaggerated, but for the average company, it is such a feeling, but individual stationmaster not waste flow, the following

no core product

two no consulting marketing ability

three does not have a perfect after-sales service system, in a word, is no one, no company, no money to support.

said so too harsh, personal webmaster do not, and should not, after all, there are many restrictions, but not because of these reasons, and give up our website, or give up traffic? I think not, but we want to use the

to flow, better make our life

you do not stand, in what context and the achievement of the situation, you are working, you can find advertisers, find alliance directly, put the code, start station, traffic everywhere, promote your products on the Internet, wait for the flow to do it, someone will contact with you, and you understand the basic situation, tell the customer, there must be some marketing skills and ability, this is the most personal webmaster should grasp something, in fact it is very complicated, do not need to think very hard, just like the same station: www.lionq.cn, although there are thousands of IP, but also can be in more than 100 days the.

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